Remote landscape control from
anywhere, at any time.

SMRT Logic and the companion SMRTscape app work together to provide complete control of your entire outdoor landscape.

  • Use the SMRTscape website or app to create custom irrigation and outdoor lighting schedules, runtimes and start times, etc.

  • SMRT Logic connects to the internet to automatically retrieve scheduling, program and operation instructions based on information entered on the SMRTscape app.

  • SMRT Logic forwards those instructions to your outdoor landscape devices such as the irrigation controller, low voltage lighting transformer or auxiliary relay using a proprietary signal specifically for outdoor environments.

  • Use the SMRTscape App to modify the irrigation or lighting schedule, or to manually operate your outdoor landscape devices anywhere at any time. A wifi signal is not required to operate SMRT Logic from a mobile device.

  • SMRT Logic is compatible with home assistant speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa for added convenience.
    Just say: “Alexa turn off the sprinklers.” or “Hey Google turn the back yard lights on.”