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Themes now available in SMRTscape

What's New

The SMRTscape™ website has been updated with the ability to create user-defined Themes*. Themes offer the user the ability to customize RGB color output, adjust color temperature, control lamp brightness, and make beam angle adjustments between 15° and 40°.

*The themes capability is only available for INSPIRA™ Series fixtures. Learn more about the INSPRIRA Series here.

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create themes

Create and schedule up to twenty user-defined themes across your lighting scenes.
custom light

Customize the RGB output, CCT level, brightness, and beam spread of each INSPIRA fixture, and name each fixture to make future adjustments quick and easy.
set themes

Set custom schedules for when themes begin and end and assign them to the scenes of your choice. Set themes for special occasions or holidays, such as birthdays or sporting events.
Inspira fixtures

New INSPIRA Series fixtures include the Van Gogh area light, Rembrandt up light, and Monet well light. Offering wireless control, customizable light output, solid brass construction, and the ability to be incorporated into any existing low voltage lighting design, the INSPIRA Series presents unbridled creativity and flexibility.