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SMRTscape 2.0

Whats New

The SMRTSCAPE® website has been updated with a new user interface that is more intuitive, easier to navigate, and response time has been optimized. In addition, the SMRTSCAPE website has the same look and feel to the SMRTSCAPE mobile app for an improved overall experience. Enhancements to SMRTSCAPE include an irrigation controller dashboard and an ability to use local weather forecasts to aid irrigation program adjustments.

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With the new, there is nothing you need to do if you have already set up your system. The old setting will carry over to the new website

A new dashboard allows for quick access to your lighting and irrigation in real-time to improve the overall experience.

A new dashboard features on top of app and website, highlights the weather in your location
gear icon

New gear icon to identify programs settings which replaces the old pencil icon to easily identify setting modes